What is Jyotish (Vedic Astrology)?

Vedic Astrology is the traditional astrology of India and part of a greater system of yogic knowledge.  While similar to Western Astrology in using planets, houses and aspects, it calculates these differently and adds many unique factors of it's own.  Vedic Astrology is a comprehensive system of astrological interpretation, containing accurate methods for examining all aspects of life including health, relationships, career and spiritual path.  It has tremendous power for guidance on how to live in harmony with the universe while helping us to understand and transcend the influence of karma and reveal our Dharma in this lifetime.  

Natal Chart Reading:

This life-reading is an analysis of our birth chart and focuses on our gifts, goals and life purpose.  It is literally a portrait of the sky at the moment you were born and translates all planetary influences in areas of career, health, family and spirituality, etc.  In Danielle's consultations she will offer spiritual practices, herbs, upayas or remedial measures of mantra, meditation, ritual, color therapy etc. to assist in harmonizing planetary energies and ultimately transforming them.  EXACT birth date, time and place is needed for the reading.  This session can be done in person or via Zoom and a recording will be emailed to you.

(1hr 15mins) $144 USD         *add Birth Star Anointing Oil $180

Current Transit Reading:

This reading is for returning clients only and focuses on specific questions and issues by looking at current transits and dasha cycles.

(45 minutes) $90

Relationship Compatibility Analysis:

An in-depth analysis of the compatibility between two people along with their strengths and possible challenges.

(1hr 15mins) $144

Auspicious Date Anaylsis (Murhurtha):

Determines the best date and time for important events in your life. Ex: weddings, starting a new business, buying a house, etc.

(1hr) $126

Birth Star Reading and Anointing Oil

The Birth Star shows our personality type and the karmic energy we are working with in this life. Many of us are familiar with our Moon Sign but the birth star is much more specific to you personally. This is why 3 people can have the same moon sign but be totally different. There are 3-4 constellations within each asterism, totaling 27 Nakshatras (Birth Stars), so almost one for every moon phase and day. Each nakshatra has a Shakti, a particular power that is granted through the Devata (deity associated with the nakshatra) that rules it. In this reading you will be given that information and an anointing oil to use as an aid in meditation, a possible upaya, for dreamwork or as a personal perfume.  Danielle crafts these oils personally as they are a sadhana for her.  She starts out gathering herbs that correspond with the planet that rules your particular Birth Star.  From there she combines the organic propriety herbs in an organic almond oil and allows them to Solar infuse under the Sun's rays for a full Moon cycle, full moon to full moon.  After that she chooses the scent based on the elements that correspond with your ruling planet and her intuition.  Culminating in an aromatic sensorial experience that brings the cosmos down to mingle with earth in a bottle for you.

(30mins) $81