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Danielle Carr-Jarecha


MotherCraft Herbal Products


Full Moon Musings

What is MotherCraft Herbal?     MotherCraft Herbal  is a mystical and creative expression of all the things Danielle has a passion for, practices and embodies. It was born out of a necessity to make a cream that would soothe her children’s eczema. It took a year to perfect this recipe and one evening she brought it to her Moon Circle to share with the women and after everyone encouraged her to package it. The Triple Goddess Cream was the first product for quite some time. During a pilgrimage to Mt. Shasta she was visited by a Raven and Spirit Guide and also had many visions and downloads communicated to her that there would be more with Mothercraft and assistance from the cosmos. About two weeks later she awoke on Guru Purnima, her lunar birthday and the day in Vedic culture where the Guru is celebrated, and was inspired to create. By the end of that day she had 9 more products. This inspired her to channel other days besides the full moon, which was started as a Sadhana as she was born on a full moon, to craft her products, working with specific lunar mansions to do so. 


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